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  • Heading to Yukon with Kim Beggs and Justin Rutledge!

    Date: 2014.04.21 | Category: News

  • Date: 2013.08.12 | Category: News

    Hello Kind People,
    Well here I am on my back porch writing you while the rain is teeming down making the air clean and fresh and my garden explode with green. It is already July and I know some of you are wondering where the heck your Namedropper is. Rest assured – it is on its way. We have a few more tweaks to do and then it will be in the proverbial can.
    Meanwhile, I have run straight on into Mother Nature or perhaps just plain old Biology or Genetics: none of whom can be argued with. You just have to accept what they give and decide to work with them. You see, a few months ago I noticed a lump in my breast, went to see some doctors, they took some tissue samples and came back with a positive result for breast cancer. Now of course this is scary and emotional because in all our minds cancer conjures death and believe me that was what I was thinking a lot about while waiting for my results to return. However, all scans have indicated that the cancer has not spread deeper into my body. Prognosis is very good. Modern medicine knows how to get those over enthusiastic cells under control again. You just have to kill a few good ones off in the process.
    So about a week ago, I started chemotherapy. I feel pretty good even though I feel like I have drunk some kind of metallic cocktail and now I am suffering from a chemical hangover. I am going to lose my hair and resemble a Monk or maybe Casper the Friendly Ghost. For the times that I want a more glamorous lid, my dear sister sent me an oh-so-fabulous pink wig from Hollywood. When I am feeling up for it I will paste on some false eyelashes and pull up my go-go boots and send you all a picture. The gory details are that I will be taking the drugs once every three weeks for about 5 months, undergoing surgery and then radiation.
    So obviously, Namedropper is not going to be released in the Fall of this year as planned. I am going to wait until I am all better so I can hit the road with Jim and we can perform these killer songs for you. And obviously you guys are not getting your rewards in June. But this summer I am going to send you the music digitally, make your magnets, write out lyrics and make journals. You guys will be with me on this strange trip.
    Hey guys, even though this is shitty news I want you to know I feel lucky. I have a beautiful and loving family. My friends are showering me with love and attention. I feel like the world is full of good and kind people who are willing to help each other get through the hard times. So, it is the awareness of that kindness which makes me cry these days. In fact, I am not sad at all; I am profoundly happy.
    As a wise woman said to me the other day: You just have to ride the whale and in the end you will see that this is the best thing that ever happened to you.
    So partners, I am not even bothering to get my saddle ready cause I am going bareback.
    With love and gratitude,

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  • Outlaws & Gunslingers’ AMA Showcase

    Date: 2013.03.06 | Category: News

  • Oh Susanna Tour in Ontario with Birds of Chicago

    Date: 2013.02.05 | Category: News

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  • Download and hear the song I contributed!

    Date: 2013.01.25 | Category: News

    Download: Idle No More, Songs for Life Volume 2


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